Out of the one comes the many.

Tauren Living Seed 3D models 33mmThe AquaFarE line is a particular line of Aquari Human, Angelic Human that was created in this period by combining with other ones in the Edons, of both the Aquious Matrix, and the AquA’elle Matrix, and bringing that coding here.


  • The AquaFarE are our host race, for those who can’t bring the bodies out. They would be the next race lines that are already in two places:
  • In the AquA’ell Matrix are the ones that have a little bit lower Base Pulse Rhythm, so you could incarnate into them if you still have to clear a lot of the distortions, and in the M31 Matrix are those that are all the way over already.


What are Spanner Gates?

  • Spanner Gates are the natural NaVA-Ho Core Gates that run on the Allurean Chambers. The Krystal Heart Gates are their base structures.
  • They are called Spanner Gates because they span between our system over into the AquA’elle System, and then a set of them spans from there over into the Andromeda System.
  • Spanner Gates are the natural pathway links that occur in the natural Spirit Body and Light Bodies of natural Organic Kristiac Systems. They manifest through the processes inherent to the Kryst Code.
  • The Spanner Gates here connect into the Aurora Platforms, which are Safe Zone fields that interface with the AquA’elle Matrix. Those in the Hibernation Zones can not get you when you project via these Safe Zone systems.


Aurora Field: A field that was set with the Amenti Host Mission that allows part of the frequencies from Urtha to blend with part of the frequencies from Earth. It is a Universal Host Matrix Field.


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