The 13th Pillar or Transharmonic Gates.

Guardians are calling this aspect of Mother Aquamarine Ray energy, a Magnetic force powering up in our Earth Core (through the newly reconnected levels of the 9D Quadra Merkabic structure flooding with Aqua Ray frequency – The Mother Arc…. It is similar to understanding we have poked a hole in the mind controlled frequency fence NET and reconnected our handshake hub to reconnect with the Mother Arc the Aqua Ray and the Aqualine Sun. It is through the Mother’s Perfect Proton Seed (or Cosmic Egg) through the Aqualine Sun that Creation can Heal Itself to its Original Divine Blueprint. Through our Beloved Mother Arc we are able to access the Aqualine Sun which is the Liquid Luminal light from Andromeda Core that heals us.

Feel Good Code

feel good code

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